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Colin Brazier

General Director / Teacher

Colin, a civil engineer from South Africa, worked with Operation Mobilization for many years before entering our Missionary Trainee Program. After graduating, he labored at the OM distribution center in Georgia before returning in 2002 to join our teaching staff. He teaches Doctrine I, NT Survey II, and OT Survey III. In 2005, Colin began assisting our Executive Director with various administrative responsibilities that led our board to appoint him EI General Director in June of 2009. He and his wife Beka have four children.

Art Nuernberg

Pastoral Director / Teacher

Art was a member of EI's first graduating class. Our Founder, Joseph Carroll, immediately asked him to join the teaching staff. Since the Fall of 1974, Art has taught Prayer, The Cross, Colossians/Ephesians, Doctrine III (Holy Spirit) and Old Testament Survey. He served as Executive Director from 2000-2009. In June of 2009, he was appointed Pastoral Director in order to focus on the ministry aspects of our work. He and his wife, Pam, have five children.

Dan Johnson

Dean of Men / Teacher

Dan was also in the first graduating class and began teaching in 1974. He teaches Romans, Principles of Spiritual Conflict, Missions, Homiletics, and Counseling. He became our Dean of Men in 1986. Dan is also the President of The Great Commission, the mission’s arm of the school. He and his wife, Amy, have ten children.

Michael Garreau

Dean of Academics / Teacher

Michael completed a year of internship after graduating in 2002. He worked on his B.A. in Biblical Studies before relocating to begin a Master of Divinity program at Sangre de Cristo Seminary in Colorado, which he completed in 2007. Marie Zeller, one of the Seminary Director’s thirteen children, captured his heart. They were married in January 2007. Michael teaches Doctrine II, Bible Study Methods, Greek, Historical Theology, and New Testament Survey. Michael and Marie have four children.

Tim Harris

Teacher/ International Admissions

Tim graduated from EI in 2008 and then went on to get a degree in Engineering from Clemson. He is presently working on a Masters of Arts in Bible Exposition from Columbia International University. Tim teaches Evangelism/Discipleship as well as Methodology of Missions. He also oversees the international student admissions process. He and his wife Sarah Beth are newly married.

Barbara Haley

Dean of Women

After three years of study, Barbara joined our staff in 1981 to assist Mr. Carroll with his class preparations. Over the years, as Mr. Carroll's teaching load lessened, she became our Business Office Manager to assist him with administrative responsibilities. After Mr. Carroll retired, Barbara transitioned into counseling as our Dean of Women.

Phil Sterr

Landscaping and Grounds Management

Phil became responsible for our grounds after completing his studies in 1982. Over the years, he has landscaped beautiful areas that contribute to making our campus an oasis of peace. His ministry impacts our student body as he both organizes and supervises the student work crews. Phil teaches many practical skills, in addition to a Christian work ethic, which prepare these young people to labor in God's harvest fields. He and his wife, Margaret, have seven children.

Administrative Staff

Sanita Krieva

Food Services Manager

Sanita is from Latvia. She learned about EI from missionaries. With her training completed in 2006, Sanita handled housekeeping and hospitality. Sanita now does a terrific job in the kitchen, working with and mentoring students.

Lydia Harris

Office Administrative/ Assistant Dean of Women

Lydia graduated from EI in 2002 and worked here as an intern during the 2005-2006 school year. After working as a nurse in Greenville for several years, she rejoined the EI family in January of 2013 to take over the responsibilities in the business office.

Warren Peden

Financial Administrator

Warren serves in a part-time capacity overseeing the financial aspects of the ministry. He has a big heart for students. He and his wife, Allison, have two sons.

Beka Brazier

Waterbrooks Retreats

Beka is married to our Director, Colin Brazier, and serves in a part-time capacity overseeing our Waterbrook Retreats ministry. Beka graduated from EI in 1999.

Carmen Francis

Hospitality/ Teacher's Aid

Carmen graduated from EI in 2015. She is serving as an intern in the areas of Housekeeping and Hospitality, keeping the campus in order and making guests feel welcome. She also assists our teaching staff.

Caleb Borisuk

Buildings, Student Prayer Ministry, Student Recruiting

Caleb graduated from EI in 2015 and is serving as an intern assisting Mr. Sterr with maintaining our buildings and vehicles as well as supervising student workers. He also oversees the Prayer Chapel building and the scheduling of our prayer ministry. Caleb is also involved in recruiting prospective students.

Sarah Beth Harris


Sarah Beth graduated from EI in 2016. After completing the third-year program in May of 2017, she now serves in publications, designing and producing our ministry materials. She is also in charge of women’s volleyball. Sarah Beth and Tim Harris were married in July of 2017.

Brandon McLaughlin

Intern/Grounds Assistant

Brandon graduated from EI in 2016, then completed our third-year program in May of 2017. Brandon assists with the upkeep of our grounds. He also facilitates our students' involvement in local churches and acts as dorm monitor for our guys.

Adjunct Faculty

Pastor Robert Davis

Pastor in Rochester Hills, Michigan

After graduating in 1961 from Norwich University in Chemistry, Bob completed three years of graduate studies in Chemistry at the University of New Hampshire. During that third year, the Lord called him to make a career change out of chemistry to become a pastor. This led to his enrolling in Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts, from which he received his M.Div degree in 1967. Following graduation, he moved to Rochester, Michigan to become the first pastor of Christ Community Church which he served until 2009. Bob has also worked with InterVarsity ministering to college students, and has served as a teacher in OM's missionary training school in the Czech Republic - where he met his friend Colin Brazier. He and his wife, Marsha, a Bible teacher and artist, have four children and seven grandchildren and live in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

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