First Year Classes

Course # Course Title Course Hours

Core Classes

CL 112 The Cross 1 Hour
CL 111 Principles of Prayer 2 Hours
NT 116 Romans 5 Hours

Survey Classes

OT 101 Old Testament Survey I 3 Hours
OT 102 Old Testament Survey II 3 Hours
OT 103 Old Testament Survey III 3 Hours

Doctrine Classes

TH 121 Doctrine of God 3 Hours
TH 122 Doctrine of Scripture 1 Hour

Practical Ministry Classes

PM 111 Evangelism & Discipleship 3 Hours
EE 101 Bible Study Methods 3 Hours
PE 101 Physical Education 3 Hours


CL 112: The Cross -1 Hour
This introductory course focuses on Jesus’ teachings about the cost of following Him. Classes focus on how the cross affects one view of self, possessions, family, and the world.

CL 111: Principles of Prayer -2 Hours
This course is designed to give students the foundational principles of an effective prayer life. Special attention is given to Jesus’ teachings on prayer and includes practical applications as students are weekly required to pray alone, with a prayer partner, in small groups and corporately.

NT 116: Romans -5 Hours
This course is a verse-by-verse study of the book of Romans, a book long regarded as the most comprehensive presentation of the gospel in the Bible. The overall structure, development, theology and application of the book will be stressed.

OT 101: Old Testament Survey I -3 Hours
This course provides an in-depth study of major Old Testament themes from Genesis to Solomon. Historical and geographical backgrounds are considered as well as authorship, dates, purpose(s), significant persons, theology and peculiarities of each book.

OT 102: Old Testament Survey II -3 Hours
Same as OT 101 but covering the period of the Kings and Prophets.

OT 103: Old Testament Survey III -3 Hours
Same as OT 101 but covering wisdom literature and the post-exilic time period.

TH 121: Doctrine of God -3 Hours
This course is a systematic introduction to the Names and Attributes of God. True worship begins with a clear understanding God's nature. The purpose of this course is to assist students in developing a more personal relationship with their Heavenly Father.

TH 122: Doctrine of Scripture -1 Hour
The purpose of this course is to present the student with an exegetical and historical survey of the Doctrine of Scripture. It includes such topics as revelation, inspiration, authority, inerrancy, canonicity, and sufficiency.

PM 111: Evangelism & Discipleship -3 Hours
The biblical basis for evangelism and discipleship is presented in this course. An understanding of the gospel and the process of discipleship are emphasized with the goal of developing an evangelistic lifestyle.

EE 101: Bible Study Methods -3 Hours
The rules of interpretation are presented in the context of the study of the Bible. Attention is given to proper methodologies and techniques for accurate Biblical analysis. Basic skills of biblical interpretation are developed and applied through a student commentary project.

PE 101: Physical Education -3 Hours
Students participate in a daily sports program. Most of the time, this consists of the great EI tradition of volleyball. Character is revealed and honed under the pressure of competition while students learn teamwork, dealing with adversity and submission to authority.

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