Campus Life


EI is a close-knit community. Students come from a variety of cultural and theological backgrounds. In this diverse setting, students are enriched and challenged by each other's experiences and outlook. In keeping with our focus on biblical training, EI aims at a student body of 50-70 students. We believe our goal is better fulfilled in a smaller community.


Because spiritual growth is based on the principles of the Word of God, Bible study forms the core of our training program. Carefully designed courses, which have been honed through years of experience, cover the essential truths necessary for personal growth and ministry. The 21-month schedule of study equals about 60 semester hours of instruction. For further information, see course descriptions in Course Catalog.

Devotional Development

Prayer is a vital ingredient to spiritual health; therefore, the development of a vital prayer life demands much more than instruction. Prayer is a skill that must be learned by experience and practice. At EI, we have structured the schedule to provide multiple opportunities to develop a devotional life through prayer.

Time is allotted daily to allow students to be alone with the Lord in prayer and the Word. A combination of daily discipline and guidance from staff enables each student to discover and develop a quiet time that matches the individual’s needs and temperamental bents.

Prayer times are frequent and varied. Through prayer partners, small group prayer, days of prayer, corporate worship and prayer with the local church, we seek to give the Lord an opportunity to teach about prayer in all its multiple expressions.

Physical Education

In addition to the core courses above, every student and trainee is required to take part in a daily PE class. Most of the time this is the great EI tradition of volleyball. The games get quite competitive, and love it or hate it, this is a great opportunity for the Holy Spirit to do a sanctifying work as players learn teamwork, dealing with adversity, and other practical lessons.

Service Training

The church is called the Body of Christ. Proper functioning of this Body occurs only when each member pulls with the whole group. Learning to serve in harmony with others is a vital part of character growth.

In addition to personal growth, students reap other benefits of serving together. Tuition is kept to a minimum by student participation in daily maintenance. All students serve four hours a week in maintaining the grounds and buildings. Everyone is involved. The mature Christian is a servant at heart.

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