Prayer Partner Letter

November 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

Our students recently listened to Mr. Carroll’s message on Isaiah 9:6. A Son was given to us and the government rests upon His shoulders. He is Lord, even where He is not acknowledged as such. To those who voluntarily allow Him to rule, He is a wonderful Counselor, a mighty God, their everlasting Father and Prince of peace.

Thank you for putting the government of EI’s ministry upon His shoulders through your prayers. Together, we have the honor of maintaining this work through faith in the Living God.

Thank you for your prayers for the October Teen Challenge. A large group of teenagers gathered to hear God’s call to serve Him alone. You prayed for this event. Now, please pray truth will brew in hearts, producing lasting love for and commitment to Jesus Christ.

The school itself has settled into the strenuous, important work of day-to-day studies. I cannot adequately express how privileged we are to teach young people who are ready to hear God’s Word. Please continue to pray for a spirit of wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of God. We can teach biblical truths, but only the Lord can work into our students the willing and the doing of what is written. We are so grateful to know that you are standing with us to see the realization of our students’ potential.

We must continue to ask that you pray for our application to change our visa status. All the work is done from our end, but government offices have been slow to respond. We recently had some indication of progress. If granted, we would have the ability to use the “regular” student visa. The Lord knows the perfect timing, as we continue training internationals for ministry.

Finally, I would ask you to pray particularly for Colin Brazier as he leads this work. God is clearly honoring Colin’s leadership. Pray for continued wisdom and vision as Colin directs us in making future decisions.

Thank you once again for standing with us. May the Lord keep you in His joy and peace as we serve Him together.

In Our Lord,
Art Nuernberg

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