Prayer Partner Letter

July 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

This week, we entered the quietest part of our EI year. Summer camps, conferences, and this year’s weddings are behind us. For a little over a month, our schedule lightens. Now is the time for quiet and unpressured preparation for another school cycle. Pray for staff rejuvenation, which is so necessary to meet the demands of teaching the fifty-plus students arriving in September.

Despite the break in our schedule, the prayer demands have not slowed.

International students are in the critical stages of visa application and renewal. They need the grace of God in the form of tenacity, courage, and wisdom to complete the process. They need grace to find favor with officials who, from a human perspective, will determine their futures. Please pray for the Lord’s control in each of the approval steps.

We would also ask for prayer concerning ongoing renovations. The campus is over forty years old. This demands systematic upgrading for usability. We are grateful for those who have assisted through gifts or by volunteering in the men’s dorm update. At present, the incoming class appears to be larger than in recent years. Pray these renovated rooms will be ready to house our students.

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. The youth conference was the largest we have had-a real squeeze! In our day, only the Lord could have done this. We asked you to pray concerning students. The Lord is answering. Even this week two new applications arrived. Keep trusting that each student the Lord chooses will arrive before the year begins.

May the Lord bless you as you stand with us. May He enrich you in the inward man and bless you within your realm of influence as you work for the coming of His kingdom.

In Our Lord,
Art Nuernberg

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