Prayer Partner Letter

February 2018

Dear Prayer Partners,

We want to thank you for your continued interest and involvement in the work at EI. Those of you who have been consistently praying for decades have pretty much figured out the general prayer requests that will appear in my letter, since our work really does not change much from year to year. As it is hard for me to communicate the impact your prayers are having in young lives and because we have had a very encouraging several weeks, I will use this letter to briefly relate what is happening rather than to share requests.

During the winter months, we trust the Lord to make truth real within students by His Spirit. God has been moving in answer to our faith. We have seen students, who have known about the Lord for a long time, enter into real life. The first-year students are now in the heart of Mr. Johnson’s course on Romans. It is amazing how many young people can attend good churches all their lives, yet never understand the fundamental truths of the Gospel. Praise God for bringing students to Himself.

We have invited people to join us in intercession for revival among young people. EI includes only a tiny portion of the young people in our nation’s churches, but EI students have a fairly heavy prayer commitment in their daily schedule. When we see our students going beyond what is required to initiate prayer groups, we are encouraged, to say the least. At our outreach prayer time last Wednesday, we had one of the best prayer meetings of the year. The prayers were direct and simple and honest petitions for friends and family members. Most importantly, from my own perspective, the men dominated the praying. The Lord is at work.

We have been praying for next year’s class. At last week’s staff meeting, we saw many names on our current prospective student list. Not all will come, of course, but we are in a position to have 2018-19 be one of the largest classes ever. Although the number is not the important thing, the fact that we are seeing more interest in our discipleship school than a few years ago is definitely important. In our small corner of His work, we have asked for renewal and are seeing it. Thank you for your prayers.

On a practical plane, work began last week on resurfacing our parking lot. In God’s time, the supply came and the workers quickly followed. This is the Lord and we thank Him.

I hope my letter has provided insight into how God is answering your prayers. His kingdom is coming in lives right before our eyes. Let’s trust that God will do even greater things for His glory.

May the Lord strengthen you in prayer and bless you with His joy as you serve Him.

In Our Lord,
Art Nuernberg

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