Prayer Partner Letter

September 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

EI School of Biblical Training was established as a school of discipleship. It was opened to anyone who wanted to know God and learn how to glorify Him. Our goal has always been to prepare young people for life, not primarily for ministry. Paul’s exhortation to entrust the Gospel to those who could go and teach has been a guide for us.

In 2016, we initiated an additional year of studies to train young people as ministers of the Word. You prayed and the Lord met in wonderful ways. Saturday night, August 26th, seven young men assembled as the second class to undertake these studies. Developing the skills necessary to understand and accurately present God’s truth represents a heavy load. Please pray that these young men will know the Spirit’s enabling as they give themselves to this endeavor.

The third-year group will be studying for three weeks before our other students arrive on September 16. Pray our first and second-year students will come prepared, for God gives great promises to those who will seek Him wholeheartedly. Pray that they will be delivered from diluting influences aimed at robbing them of God’s best.

We ask for prayer for a Siberian couple attempting to study this fall. There is very little vital Christian influence in their region. They must travel to Moscow for their September 12th embassy interview. Please pray for approval of their visas.

For those who are paying close attention, you will have noticed a change in the timing of our prayer partner letters. This change will keep our prayer requests closer to the year’s key events.

For those who have been associated with EI for any length of time, Ed Epperson’s name is familiar. Mr. Epperson was the first committed supporter of our ministry. His generosity provided a significant portion of the funds necessary to build this campus. For over forty years, he regularly and generously provided for our operational costs. On August 10th, Mr. Epperson went to be with his Lord. We want to give thanks to God for Mr. Epperson’s example of kindness and faith expressed so sacrificially through his giving.

Once again, thank you for your prayers. May the Lord fill you with His joy and peace as you serve Him before the Throne of Grace.

In Our Lord,
Art Nuernberg

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