Waterbrook Retreats

There was a day when Elijah’s energies gave out, despite his faith and courage, which had established him as a symbol of the greatness of the prophetic ministry. Before Jezebel’s threat, his ministerial passion, power, and courageous faith collapsed…and he ran! The Lord’s answer to Elijah’s need is enlightening. God’s treatment plan included rest, food, and the recuperative power of solitude with God.

Christian ministry in this fast-paced society can be a depleting experience. We find places for vacationing, but where does a Christian worker go to seek the renewal of the Lord’s refreshing presence?

The Lord Himself can revive His servants and renew their vision once delivered from counseling, organizing, directing, phone calls, emergencies, interruptions, facility maintenance, budget considerations, membership needs, conferences, committee meetings, etc.

Waterbrook Retreats accommodations allow God’s servants a week of much needed rest in a beautiful, quiet setting.

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